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BD_roleplaying community

For those unloved ones

BD-Roleplay_ A roleplaying community for characte
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Welcome to this community! It's a roleplaying group reserved to those characters from french or belgian comics called ''bandes dessinées'', since they deserve some recognition, don't they? To join, you only need to have a character journal, with the character coming from this kind of series; and after that, have fun!
So, what's up in here?
In the peaceful (or not) world where your character is set, he/she/it finds, on an isolated hill, this huge building. 240
The building looks creepy and in bad shape; it could really use of some redecorating. Still, your character becomes curious, and for whatever reason that motivates them, goes in. They discover that this place is nothing more than an ancient inn, but nothing less than a portal accross dimensions; they get to meet people they never thought about meeting before...
1.No wank. Character vs. Character is okay, and can even be amusing. But player vs. player means a direct contact with the mod: either solve your differences or don't play in here. It is made for entertainment purposes only, so keep it wank-free, thank you.
2. No spam. It *is* a casual community, but an OOC post overload are a no. Introductory posts are fine here, since they aren't many participants (yet).
3. Language barriers: Sadly, these fandoms are lacking due to the fact that most of these comics aren't widely translated in English; therefore, there might be some of you who'd feel more comfortable roleplaying in French. If that's the case, please contact the mod first, or do one of the two solutions:
-You can do logs that only affect the characters whose players speak the language.
-If it does affect other characters, please contact the mod, or people fluent in both English and the language you speak in. They can do a brief summary in English for those who want it.
4. Contacting: The mod's incarnation in the rp is target_is_set , or Sammy for the characters; or vivi314, who is writing this. Contact me/Sammy by simply commenting, I'll/We'll be ready to reply.

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