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fantasiomagazin in bd_rp

The super-special-awesome 1st General Event!!

[RP MANAGER MODE ON] sorry for having you waiting ^^ Yesterday I was trying to decide how should I begin this RP game. After pondering various possibilities, I decided to start with a general plot and then let it evolve from here. This general plot is divided in several subplots for every character, that I’m going to detail in the following LJ Cuts. To make sure that none of the characters knows about other character’s subplot, I hid all the messages by making the text white... you just have to select the text below your character’s name ^^


An anonymous sponsor has been sending you money to finance a project you’re been working on in the past several months. Now that you have finished your invention, you’re ready to present it to the scientific society. Thus, you’ve invited all your colleages an their famillies to a première presentation wich will take place in your town, Champignac-en-Cambrousse. The Major was for once eager to help you with the preparations, since he has taken that as an opportunitty to promote Champignac-en-Cambrousse as a touristic place.
Most of your colleages have confirmed their presence and even volunteered to convince some of their friends to come. Not all will be there, though: Itoh Kata sent you yesterday an e-mail telling you that he is currently on tour and thus he won’t be able to assist, but promised to tell some of his accuantacies – both from the scientific and the magical communitty – about your invention in case someone is interested. As for Zorglub, you haven’t seen him or heard about him since the last time you saw each other, half a year ago.
You’ve also invited some journalists, your friends Spirou and Fantasio among them – obviously. And as espected, both have already confirmed their assistance.


Your redactor-chief has given you the talking about the fact that you haven’t written a single article worth to be published in the past months. Fearing he will eventualy dismiss you, you’re desesperate to find a scoop as soon as posible!
Fortunately, a help from the heavens comes to your rescue just in time: your friend The Count of Champignac has sent both to you and Spirou invitations to the presentation of an invention of his, wich will take place in Champignac-en-Cambrousse the next weekend.
Only one thing bothers you: your colleage and rival, Seccotine. In order to prevent her knowing about your scoop – and fearing that she will take it from you if that happens – you have been avoiding her in the past days, and when she questioned where were you going this weekend, you lied to her, telling that you were going to spend it at your parent’s house, along with Spirou and Spip.


You’re currently leading a normal and calm life. Spip has recently found a mate and dissapears from time to time, but other than that, nothing new has happened to you.
Yesterday, though, both you and Fantasio recieved invitations from The Count to assist to the presentation of an invention of his, taking place next weekend at Champignac-en-Cambrousse. Fantasio convinces you to go to cover the story. You suspect that his enthusiastic interest on the posible scoop is due to the warning Fantasio has recieved recently from your redactor-chief. Even if you think he’s taking it too seriously – you know Mr.Dupuis won’t ever dismiss his two best journalists ^^ - you accept to accompany him. After all you’re eager to see the Count again!
But when you propose to invite Seccotine along, Fantasio refuses completely, making you promise you won’t ever tell her nothing about this. Finnaly you agree, even if you feel a bit guilty about not telling her...


An old friend from your days in the High School, who has recently married a professor from the University of Lyon, has told you about the presentation of an invention by the Count of Champignac, in wich she and her husband have been invited. Knowing that this could be a great scoop for you, you pray to your friend to let you accompany them. Your friend promises to try to get an invitation for you.
The event will take place next weekend at Champignac-en-Cambrousse. This comes handy, speccially since you know your colleage and rival Fantasio will be that weekend at his parent’s house – poor guy, he doesn’t know what he’s missing, hehe :P Besides, the town could be very interesting to visit...


You’ve been acting as an sponsor for the Count of Champignac in the past months, sending him money for his investigations while hidding your identity. Your father Vito has been encouraging you, thinking you’re doing all this to earn money for la famiglia, but actually your motives are more shelfish; with your finnancial aide, you hope that the Count makes a great discovery, a discovery that could make you earn enough money to become independent from both your father and the Newyorker mafia he leads. Besides, you’re sure that the Count will eventually invite his friends Spirou and Fantasio to show them his discoverings, and thus creating the perfect opportunitty for you to see the charming redhead again.
The opporunitty arrives sooner than espected; the Count sent you an invitation to the presentation of his most recent invention, wich will take place next weekend at Champignac-en-Cambrousse – ‘I hope you accept my humble invitation so I can finnaly know who my sponsor is ^^’, says the Count in a letter that has sent to you along with the invitation. Obviously your father oposses firmly, but nevertheless you manage to escape from your guards and take a plane to France, disguised as an actress by the name of Lucia Zeronto – you cut your hair short and died it blonde, just in case ^^
You ignore, though, that your father is worried about a rival mafia clan, lead by Mauro Piamonte, who has been targeting members from the Cortizone clan recently, and thus has sent Raulo to follow you discreetly.


December 2008

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