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fantasiomagazin in bd_rp

Welcome to the Spirou Roleplay Game (from now on SRG xD – just kidding) presentation post! I’m0_amber_0, manager of this game, wich is based on the Spirou et Fantasio comic series and was made up by a few of the members of thespirou_fandomcomunitty. This game, though, is open to anyone that knows pretty well this fandom and wants to be part of it. For aplying to take one of our characters, please click on this link (http://community.livejournal.com/spirou_fandom/51014.html) and leave a comment.

Now, let’s start with the rules:


1) All the events and messages related with this particular RP will be written in english to allow fans from around the world to understand and join this game. Because of that, this game will be written following the standard english litterature rules. Wich means:
- Use “ “ to indicate a dialog
- Use cursive for the thoughts
- Narrative texts in a separate paragraph from the dialogs
2) Propper grammar is a must! I don’t intend to you to writte perfectly – one or two orthografic faults is understandable and normal – but please try to not make 10 faults in one paragraph -_-U
3) Capslocks and SMS language are not allowed. If you can’t writte english properly, don’t do it.
4) No spam, autopromotion or any kind of message wich is not related with the RP or its events, will be allowed either.
5) It is also prohibited to use this game as an excuse to solve your personal quarrels. Any transgression of this rule will result on the inmediate closing of the flame-post and the saction to the players involved, by me or the Modd of this community.

1) This game follows a sistem based on descriptive narrative. Wich bassically means that the events will be written as in a fanfic, with descriptions of action and places and dialogs in the rigth meassure ;)
2) Any RP involves two actions: character interpretation and acting game. For the first, you have to act as your character – wich means you have to respect the original character personallity, no OOC actitudes will be allowed - , writting in his/her personal journal wich you have created to join this community. The entries on your character’s journal will be written in first person. The second part – the acting game – will take place in the form of events, wich will be written in third person and posted on this community.
3) About the events, there are three kinds:
- General events: those events are bassically made for all the participants in the game to know about them, but not to participate in them. To ilustrate this with an example, a general event could be an article from a newspaper that announces a major event taking place in X date at X place.
- Open events: Events wich are open to the characters to participate and in wich takes place the “action” of the game. Those kind of events can be open to certain characters or to all the characters – those are “Special Events” (further details in the FAQ)
- Closed events: Events in wich takes place the “action” of the game, but is limited to a limited number of characters and therefore is not open to anyone else. The difference between this and the open events is that in the closed event, the action has taken place, whereas in the open event the action is taking place at that moment. Further details in point 4.
4) There are two methods for making up the events:
- Via LJ: one of the characters opens an event and the event follows up by the other characters implied in the event in the form of “comments” to that post in particular. All the events made by this via are in essence Open Events. Pros: the players participating in them can post whenever they can, without having to arrange a time to play simultaneously. Cons: Because you often have to wait for the event to be responded to make your move, this kind of events are ussualy slow to end.
- Via Messenger: the characters implied in the event – rather said, their players – make a rendez-vous in the Messenger and arrange the event directly. Ussualy those kind of events are closed, but sometimes, they can be opened to be continued via LJ by a character that could be in the “zone” of the event. Pros: those are faster events to begin and end. Cons: Requires for the players to agree a time in wich they will be aviable to conect, wich is ussually difficult... and in the particular case of people who live in different countries, with different time-zones, almost impossible.
It’s up to you to decide wich method suits you better ^_^
5) All the events except for the General Events will be posted with the following heading:
- Date (day and month) and time (a.m./p.m.) of the event
- Place in wich the event takes place
- Characters involved in the event
- Kind off event (Open – to all characters or to X character – or Closed)
- The rest of the event will be posted behind a LJ Cut
6) The OOC announcements are something appart; they are messages from the manager – wich means me ^^ - to announce events taking place or to solve a particular problem that could come up thourough the game. Those will be published in thespirou_fandomcommunitty only, to prevent flooding this community with unnecesary posts.


I want to join, but I can’t decide between this characters wich I want to play... Is it ok to pick more than one character?

You can do it, of course, if you think you’ll be able to play them at the same time ^_^ I will, however, put a limit of 2 characters for each player.

I’m following a LJ event, can I control momentarily the other character of the event for an especiffic action?

You can make the other character “respond” to your dialog if it is necessary; however you can’t “move” a character that is not played by you. That means that you can’t make him/her take an “action” unless you have specific permision from the player who plays him/her.
There is an exception to this rule: the “trump card characters” Those are characters that haven’t been picked up yet or that are too secondary to be taken as an important character (i.e.:a waiter, a soldier, a random kid from the street, etc). Those ones, you can do whatever you like if needed for the event to go on. You can’t use them anymore, though, if the character is picked by another player.

How long does a LJ event lasts?

Untill you consider it finished ^_^ My recommendation is that a LJ event gets a maximun of 15 “responses”, but if you need more to end it, it’s ok. Just try not to prolong it too much ^^U

What is that “Special Event” you were talking about before?

Glad you asked it ;P Some RP do this to ligthen up the game or in order to resurrect it ^^U Sometimes, when I get the mood, I can create an event wich takes place in a popular celebration, meaning mainly Christmas, Summer vacantions and St. Valentine. Those events are open to all the characters - even those who are currently stuck in another event -, and don’t have anything to do with the principal events. In other words, those are kind of “just for fun” events in wich you do random things interpreting your role ^^

I’m just playing one character, and I’m too lazy/too bussy to create and maintain a character LJ...

Well, I had foreseen something like this could happen... If it really bothers you, you can join the game using your own personal LJ. The only condition is that you have at least one icon with the image of the character you’re playing, just to know “who are you” – in the game, I mean.

Any other questions? Suggestions for our first event? Please, leave a comment in this post and I’ll be glad to answer you ^^



It's MOD TIME. Or just an excuse to post with this journal. HUR HUR.
All the rules are perfect, maybe I'll edit a little of the formatting, with your permission of course, to make it a lil' more colorful xD
Most rules will apply to anyone coming from all fandoms, even out of the Spirou-specific roleplay; however, I'd be a little more lenient on first person commenting in the comm: IMO, it could be fine to post something like
*insert time and description of the event here*
(Insert 1st person thought/announcement here, for example:) Jolly gee, I'm making pancakes! Come eat them!
And people could comment in the same fashion on the comm. However, this would be only for (very) casual/crack events, and not main plots.
*scurries off to create Luna journal*

December 2008

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