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[Event] Why were Spirou and Fantasio arguing? (Messenger)

- Date: Sunday, 5th October, between 10:00 and 12:30 (before the arrival to Champignac's mansion
- Place: On the road between Spirou's house and Champignac's mansion
- Characters: Spirou and Fantasio
- Event status: Closed

This morning, when they left their home for Champignac-en-Cambrousse, Spirou was a little guilty, but he cannot tell the reason. He did not know how to tell this to Fantasio. He said nothing for several hours and this attitude worried Fantasio, who said...

"Hey, what's up with you?" asked Fantasio with concern "You should be more cheerfull, after all we're visiting Mr. The Count after so much time..."

'And besides, this will be a perfect oportunitty to make a great scoop for us' He thought, but dind't said it aloud.

Spirou tried to smile. "It's ok, i'm fine." But it didn't work, he didn't have this talent for lying.

"My friend" said Fantasio while passing an arm over Spirou's shoulders "I'm sorry to say this, but you are an awfull liar... it's like the true was written in your face" finished smiling, and then, with a complicit wink, he added "Come on, you can tell me. It's about that new secretary, rigth? She's cute and I know she likes you "

"What ?" Spirou blushed. "No, it's not that ! It's..." 'Maybe it's the time to tell him...' After he thought that, he said "I talked to Seccotine yesterday."

"Hum... well that's pretty normal, I don't see why are you-" Fantasio started, but then he realized something and his worsts thoughts came to his mind "Don't tell me you told her about what we were planning to do this weekend??!"

"Euh... yes." Spirou admitted it.

And suddenly, he didn't see the car moving toward a tree.

((OOC: Sorry, we forgot to say that they were already driving :P))

Fortunatelly, Fantasio had better reflexes and before they crashed, he grabbed the wheel and turned it abruptly to the left, avoiding the collision. The car spinned various times before stopping. By the time both recovered from the frigth, Fantasio gave his friend a very angry look, while shouting: "You PROMISED you wouldn't tell her!"

Surprised by this shout, Spirou decided to protect himself. "I know, but how can I explain her that we are not at home for the weekend ?"

"For your information, I already had an alibi for that" explained Fantasio in anger "Last wednesday I came accross her in the cafeteria and I told her both of us were going to visit my parents, so she wouldn't know what we were really up to do! Now she will know for sure that I had lied to her!"

"You said what ?" Spirou seemed dissatisfied. "Why lied you to her ? It's our friend !"

"And a potential rival too!" Fantasio reminded him "Or is it that you have forgotten all those scoops she has taken from us rigth before our eyes? This time will be no different if she comes to Champignac!"

'I don't know why he's still my best friend...' Spirou sighed.

"Can you be less pessimist for this time ?"

"I'm not pessimist, I'm realistic!" claimed Fantasio "We both need the scoop of the presentation, and if she takes it from us, we will be out of the journal in less time that you say 'Spirou Magaziiine'" He then crossed his arms and looked at another direction, offended "I thought you were my best friend, but instead you betray me for Seccotine!"

Without a word, Spirou restarted the car and rolled again. He knew that
it was enough.

The silence was tense during the following minutes. It seemed as if both of them were testing who would give up and say the next word first. Fantasio, been the impatient person he was, was the first to talk, when it had passed almost half an hour. "At least you could apologize!"

"Why should I apologize ?" Spirou expressed strongly. "I don't have any problem of jealousy, nor ego !"

He tried to forget their quarrel while they arrived in front of the Champignac's Mansion.


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