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[Event] The Inn, arrival (LJ)

((ooc: my, sorry, but Luna will have to wait until this weekend. I have yet to grab a hold of the Luna Fatale album, to avoid any messing-up of her character ^^))

-Date: Thursday, October 9th
-Place: The Inn. For Spirou's world, it will be on an isolated field in the middle of Belgium's countryside. To Sammy, it is at the end of the city, near those places you don't want to be around too often.
-Characters: Sammy, open to ANYONE. Crossover is the intent of this, anyway.
-Event status: Open as wide as the shops on Boxing day. To anyone.

Chicago city, 1931

It wasn't as if this place appeared out of nowhere, did it?. Not like he had the pretention to know every street and corner of Gangster City, but that old building was unfamiliar. It couldn't have been recent, due to its state.
Most importantly, it definitely didn't look like a place for a secret meeting.
But it was around Liden, wasn't it? Edge of the city, barely known place, he knew the address.
The short man cautiously approached the seemingly deserted building, taking careful steps towards the door.
The construction, he had to admit, would give the creeps to anyone passing by, especially because of its size. It was huge.
Smells downright like a trap; could be a gangster's HQ, for all I know, with great protection of our beloved politicians, he thought, eyeing his surroundings suspisciously before giving a light knock on the door.
This ''meeting'' was as secret Mae West's existence. Everyone in the neighborhood probably knew about this place, and wouldn't give a damn if a guy wearing a flashy raincoat was greeted in this ''abandoned'' buiding.
He knocked the door.
He knocked a little harder, waiting for, perhaps, a tall guy appearing and asking for a password.
Nothing, again.
Shrugging, he kicked the door open, finally seeing it was unlocked.
Dusty, and seemingly captured forever in a frame of ancient wealth; it looked like a luxury inn, if such things existed, but was now in ruin.
He took a few steps on the rotten wood, a hand safely tucked in his pocket, in reach of his gun.
And waited for a human presence.
((ooc: and there it starts! Your character basically sees the place,  goes in, and coincidentally meets him. Good luck at making him believe you're from another world XD))


December 2008

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