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[Event] Arrival at Champignac's Mansion (LJ)

- Date: Sunday, 5th October, 12:30 a.m.
- PLace: Champignac's Mansion
- Characters: Champignac, Spirou and Fantasio
- Event status: Open to the characters mentioned

It was a nice morning in Champignac-en-Cambrousse. Even if they were now in the middle of the auttum season, that day the sun was shinning brightly in the clear sky, so the temperature was pleasant.

It was because of that pleasant climate that the Count of Champignac - the most distiguished inhabitant of the town - decided to wait for his guests outside, at the base of the steps that led to the main entrance of his mansion. The Count was in excelent mood, not only because he was going to see again his friends Spirou and Fantasio after so long time, but also because of the enthrillement for the presentation of his last invention, wich would take place tomorrow in the morning.

Nevertheless, he was becoming to worry; Spirou had called four hours ago, telling him that they would arrive at 11:00 a.m. at the latest, but it was an hour and half past that time.

Sabre de bois, they are late!, he thought, staring at his watch at the same time. I hope they haven't got stuck in a traffic jam...

He was relieved when he suddenly heard the characteristic klaxon of Spirou's car. Soon after that, the vehicle appeared through the mettalic doors that led to the front garden, and slowed down only a few metters away from where the Count was.

"Ah, welcome, my dear friends!" the Count greetted enthusiastically. "Have you gotten a nice trip?"


When he get off of his car, Spirou smiled to the Count. Each meating with him can forget all the problems he could found on his trip.

"Hello, Mr. the Count." said the redhead. "I'm sorry for the delay."

He looked at Fantasio, who are the cause of this delay. They have quarrelled during the end of the trip, but now, it was of past.

"Hey ! I said i'm sorry !"

He had no answer.

Come on, Fantasio, stop glancing me like that !
Fantasio remained in silence. He still was angry, but he didn't want to bother Mr. The Count with such kind of matters. After all, it had been a long time since they had last seen him and he didn't want to spoil the reunion.

"We'll talk about that latter..." he finnally responded to Spirou, while getting off the car. Then he addressed to the Count; "It's nice to see you again! By the way, how are going the preparations? You know, for 'the great day'..."
"Oh, they're going great, thank you", aswered the Count. "All thanks to the Major! He managed to movilize the people of Champignac for lending me a hand. He even organized the accomodation of the guests, so they could pass their stay as hosts of some Champignac's neighbourgs"

"Really? How come?" asked Spirou. He coulnd't believe that the Major, who was always arguing with the Count because of his inventions, would be so glad to help the Count for something like that...

"Well... I think this has something to do with the possibility to promote the town as a touristic destination", he answered smiling.

"Yeah, go figure..." commented Fantasio in a sarcastic tone "Anything that gaves him the opportunity to make a speech in front of a lot of people would be good for him..."

"Indeed!" laugthed the Count. He was going to enter the house along whith his guests, when he realized there was something missing... "Oh, but... Sac à papier, I can't see Spip anywhere!" then he asked Spirou; "Dind't you bring him with you?"
"No." Spirou seemed sad for a moment, but smiled then. "He found a mate, so he didn't join us."

He collected his luggage from the back of his car and return in front of the Count.

"Well... what can we do for this event ?"
"Oh, don't worry about that, everything is prepared rigth now" the Count responded "Just come inside and relax. I'll serve raspberry liquor for everyone!"

He took a few steps inside of the house, when he suddenly stopped on his tracks, as if he had just remembered something important.

"Well... actually there's one thing you can do for me" he said, while rubbing his chin.

"What is it?" asked Spirou, eager to help his friend with anythign he asked for.

"I need to prepare a room for a very special guest, but I don't have any more bedrooms" explained the Count "I was thinking of transforming the small living room in a provisional bedroom, but before that I need to move all the furniture to the loft so I can make a bit of space..."
"Another guest? Who is it?" asked Fantasio, hopping it wasn't Zorglub - he still had goosbumps every time he thought about him.

"The person who made my invention possible!" said the Count with enthousiasm "He has been sponsoring my investigations for the lasts months, and thanks to that money I was able to finish it in no time! ... Well, to tell you the truth" he added, confidentially "I'm not really sure if it's a He or a She... Never told me its name or why was he/she sponsoring me for... I send an invitation to the direction he/she told me once, so we can meet in the day of the presentation"

"Are you sure he or she is going to come?" asked Fantasio, more interested than before.

"I don't know" the Count admmited "But I have to prepare the room, just in case... Will you help me?"

"Of course!" aswered Fantasio "Just give us a little time to leave our luggage in our room, and we'll come"

"Thanks, Fantasio, I knew I could count with both of you" thanked The Count "Oh, sabre de bois, I forgot! I need to check something in the kitchen... I'll come back in a minute"

While Mr. the Count went through the kitchen doors, and before going to their room, Fantasio whispered to Spirou's ear:

"A misterious sponsor... It sounds like a very nice scoop for us... What do you think?"
"I think that until we find the identity of this sponsor, we can't find his - or her - intentions. Maybe if we can ask to the Count the name of the direction..."

Spirou stopped his reflections.

"And why not to forget it for a moment? With all the stress resulting from our work, we began quarrelling for a simple error even before arriving to the Count."
"A simple error??" Fantasio seemed indignated for a moment "It's obvious that you can't understand the situation..."

"Look, it's not my fault, and you know it" Spirou defended himself "Besides, I already apologized for that..."

"You should had asked me before that!"

For a moment, both friends looked into each other's eyes; one in anger, the other calm and resolute. Finnaly, Fantasio adverted his angered eyes from his friend and while scratching the back of his head, he said:

"Ok, ok, you're right... It's becaouse of the job that I'm more sensitive... Sorry for that"

He then sat on the stairs, with a sigh of frustation and a worried expresion on his face.

"But it can't be helped, you know? After what the redactor-chief told me, I just can't simply relax. I need an scoop right now, or else my career will be finished!"

"Don't be silly!" Spirou tried to encourage him "We're the best reporters Dupuis has... they won't fire us so easilly!"

Fantasio was about to recall him that time when they were suspended from work and salary for nearly seven years, when he suddenly heard footsteps comming from the kitchen.
The Count of Champignac appeared again taking a look to his friends, who were still at the stairs, with their luggage still on the floor of the corridor.

"Sac à papier, you haven't unpacked yet?" He asked surprised "Well, it doesn't matter... We can take lunch before that! I was working in a new recipe for a mushroom's soufflé... I hope you're hungry!"

((Mode OOC On: Unless you have something more to say, Kris, we can close the event here and continue the conversation in another event - something like: what where S&F discussing about? XD - I'm going on vacantion untill monday, so after that we can arrange a day for a rendez-vous at the Messenger ^_^))
((Mode OCC On : Yes, we can close this event. I like the idea for a flashback with S&F, so tell me when you can connect to the Messenger ^^))

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